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...the new App for Coaches, Trainers and Speakers to host challenges that attract and nurture leads AND effortlessly ascend them into your high ticket programs!

(All on Autopilot... This is what technology is for!)

Are you a Coach, Trainer, Author or Speaker?

Grow Your Business with Challenges on the My Challenge Creator App

If you've ever run a challenge before, you know that it can be a ton of work...

❌ Creating all of the launch content (social media posts, emails, live video, etc) and hoping that people show up and participate...
❌ Maintaining engagement in the FacebookTM group hoping people see the value and join your program to make it all worth the effort... 

With MY CHALLENGE CREATOR, eliminate the overwhelm with simple, easy-to-use tech that streamlines the whole process!

When you get set up to run a challenge once, you'll be able to run it again and again without having to redo hours of content creation and setup work. 

My Challenge Creator makes it EASY to:
 ☑️ Generate more leads for your coaching programs, get them engaged, and build trust fast!
 ☑️ Captivate your audience and show them a real transformation that has them reaching out asking how to work with you again!
 ☑️ Add new revenue streams to your business by engaging existing customers and increasing the lifetime value of each customer or client!
 ☑️ Create raving fans who refer more people to your business, on repeat!

Did You Know?

Only 15% of people who buy your course or book actually completes it. 😱 

And for some, that's fine... 

But most successful freelancers and small business owners know that where you’re going to get your real success is in the lifetime value of a client.

And if your course is an entry-level offer that brings people closer to working with you 1:1, then a 15% completion rate simply won't cut it!

 You HAVE to get people engaged in your content!

As coaches, trainers, and authors, who really care about your clients, you know that one of the most important things you can do is to get people engaged with your material early on.

Why? Because your people are going to stick with you, they’ll become students for life, they’ll buy your other programs, they’ll want your other solutions, they’ll see that you are the real deal in the market, and ultimately will become raving fans, referring even more business your way.

Wouldn't it be great if...

Imagine if every single day there was an easy way for your clients to plug into your material and interact with it in a completely unique and engaging way?

Because if you can just get people to really engage with your content and put the principles you teach into practice, your business is going to grow like crazy. 

 We all know Challenges are a great way to grow our business!

There’s a reason all the big names in the industry use challenges. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziozi, Russell Brunson, they all have challenges as a key part of their value ladder. 

Why? Because people get information AND they get engaged.

But the PROBLEM is... 
You Need The Right Tool

Most of these challenges are being run on tools like Kajabi or FacebookTM groups. And those are great tools, but they’re not designed to run challenges.

We created the FIRST Do-It-Yourself Challenge Platform that easily and quickly transforms your content into a hyper-value, highly engaging challenge! 

Hey, I’m Jeff! 
COO and Co-Founder of My Challenge Creator

When I first started coaching, the struggle was real. I had no idea where my next client was coming from, and I started to seriously question walking away from a lucrative tech career.

But I knew that I was meant for more than a job that filled my bank account but left me unfulfilled on the inside.

And I was determined to help as many people as possible through my coaching business without sacrificing my income.

There had to be a better way to consistently bring in new clients, WITHOUT:
❌ writing another book
❌ going "live" every day
❌ creating a complicated sales funnel

As a coach with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, I knew that ultimately my clients were seeking transformation.

But as a former video game company executive, I also deeply understood the power of gamification to keep people motivated and engaged.

It finally clicked... When I combined my tech past with my coaching present, that's when everything changed.

I launched my first gamified challenge using an app I created, and it was an astonishing success.

Suddenly I had...

🙌 a sold-out program

🙌 clients knocking down my door asking to work with me 1:1

🙌 Companies even began to contact me to use my method to help with employee engagement.

Fast forward nine years...

We've used our challenge apps to grow some of the biggest companies in the world.

And we're tracking millions of actions every year for coaching challenges across the globe.

All through a tool that makes it simple to build customized challenges, completely free from code and complications.

And now it’s your turn.

Need To Know MORE About What 
Challenge Creator Can Do For You?

Take Your Book

Easily turn your book into a challenge.
A challenge will bring your book to life in a whole NEW way!

Take Your Course

Easily add a challenge that gives people a way to actually practice the amazing things you are teaching them.

Take Your Coaching Principles

Guess what? Your coaching principles easily become a great challenge as well. And this is the perfect way to get more of your ideal clients : )

Here's how easy it is...

No tech experience necessary.  My Challenge Creator is super easy to use!

With just a little bit of your amazing content, the Challenge Creator Platform will automatically create a hyper-value, gamified challenge that will get your people super engaged with your material. 

Join the Hundreds of Coaches, Trainers, 
and Authors just like you!

 No Tech Experience Necessary!


 ✅ Set up a challenge is less than 30 min.

 ✅ Feel the support of a full tech team behind you.

 ✅ Create raving fans who refer you more business!

Create it once... and Run it Over and Over and Over

You can use challenges in EVERY area of your business

 ✅ Use a challenge for lead generation.
 ✅ Use a challenge as a stand alone product. 
 ✅ Add a challenge to one of your main programs.

Bottom line: If you aren't using My Challenge Creator, you are leaving tons of money on the table.

MY CHALLENGE CREATOR plugs into your current software! 

It's SO EASY to set up:

• Create your challenge in less than 30 minutes!
• Feel the support of a full tech team behind you.

All you need is a little bit of your amazing content. 

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